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Meet Sebastian Baes, speaker at #FE23

Pénélope Simons

Editorial Manager

Get to know Sebastian Baes in this blog post. He is the Co-founder of EXTRAQT and will take the stage at #FE23!
Sebastian Baes - Future Entrepreneurship 2023

Sebastian Baes has always been fascinated by the world we live in, a fascination he turned into a mission to help reduce the negative impact humanity has created on the planet. To achieve this goal, he co-founded EXTRAQT in July 2021.

Sebastian won the Flemish Thesis award in 2020. For his thesis he researched if river water can be used as a heating source, these insights were the spark to start his company EXTRAQT. The company focuses on developing strategies to sustainably heat and cool buildings with the energy stored in rivers and lakes. These natural sources are very dominant, both in location and in potential. 

“Let’s listen more to nature when we heat and cool our buildings!”

With this motto in mind, EXTRAQT set the goal to make a difference! Today, 50% of global energy goes to heating and cooling, but only 14% is sustainably produced. They want to make a change to bring aquathermal energy to the foreground.

EXTRAQT is on the right path to reach their goal. In 2022 they executed 25 feasibility studies with a potential to reduce over 10 million tons of CO2 yearly, worked on a big project with an American international and are recognized as the experts in aquathermal energy in Flanders.

What does the future hold for EXTRAQT? 

First of all, they want to take their title of experts in aquathermal energy from Flanders to the Benelux and expand their activities overseas in the USA. In 2023, they want to keep on growing organically and start the building of a tool to enable a live monitoring of every aquathermal installation in Flanders. This tool will be used to assess the potential of future installations.

What can you expect from Sebastian on the FE Expert Stage? 

On the first day of FE, Sebastian will tell us about how to build an #innovative and #sustainable future at the Expert Stage. An extra message Sebastian has for you is: “Invest your time in something you find fascinating and then think of a way to make a business out of it.” 

Make sure to attend Sebastian’s talk on the 19th of April at Future Entrepreneurship 2023. If you haven’t registered yet, claim your ticket before it’s too late! 👉 https://thefuture.be/tickets/

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Meet Sebastian Baes, speaker at #FE23

Get to know Sebastian Baes in this blog post. He is the Co-founder of EXTRAQT and will take the stage at #FE23!

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