Peter Vindevogel


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Rethinking media & entertainment

Peter Vindevogel is CEO of Streamz, the Flemish streaming service founded in 2020 when DPG Media & Telenet joined forces. He manages a team of passionate entertainment experts who build a mix of Flemish stories that conquer the world and international stories that conquer Flanders.

Before becoming chief of Streamzer, Peter was in charge of the commercial growth of Telenet’s “on-demand” television services: he launched the sports channel Play Sports in 2015 and started the commercial growth of services such as Play, Play More and Play Sports to a record volume of more than 650,000 customers. In the same period, he also launched important innovations, often in collaboration with sister company SBS.

Peter has always been invested in the world of media and entertainment since the day he graduated, that is why he is the one who knows what the Future of media is waiting for.

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