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Marijke Coussement

Project Coordinator Dreams Lab

Partena Professional

Marijke Coussement is a dynamic professional with a profound understanding of legal frameworks and a passion for driving successful projects through collaboration. With a Master’s degree in Law, she began her career at Mazars Consultants, providing legal advice to major corporations. Intrigued by the inner workings of large companies, she transitioned to Decathlon Belgium to gain firsthand insight into corporate operations.

Her career took a pivotal turn when she joined HDP (now Partena Professional), where she played a crucial role in establishing Legal Info, an internal service providing legal guidance to payroll consultants. As Staff COO Manager, Marijke emphasized the importance of connecting with the workforce at all levels, delving into project management and reporting to ensure seamless operations.

Transitioning to Customer Accounting, Marijke oversaw large-scale projects before joining Dreams Lab in 2022. Here, she serves as a business coach, mentoring entrepreneurs, and project leaders. Additionally, Marijke took charge of the Pop-Up Store projects at Dreams Lab, serving as the project coordinator and successfully steering them to fruition.

Marijke’s strength lies in her ability to maintain a holistic view of projects and initiatives, allowing her to forge connections and align stakeholders towards common goals. Beyond her professional commitments, Marijke has been actively involved in various volunteer organizations, underscoring her commitment to community engagement and enrichment.

Drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as family constellations, sweat lodge ceremonies, and the natural world, Marijke infuses her coaching sessions with a unique blend of wisdom and insight.

Marijke Coussement embodies the fusion of legal expertise, leadership, project overview and a deep-seated commitment to fostering connections and driving positive change in both professional and personal realms.


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