Tech & Innovation Festival | April 20 - 21

#FE22 | Tech & Innovation Festival | April 20 - 21 | Antwerp, Belgium

Calogero Macaluso - Future Entrepreneurship 2022

Calogero Macaluso

Director Streaming

DPG Media

Calogero Macaluso is Director Streaming and Marketing at DPG Media. Calogero is leading the commercialization of DPG Media streaming propositions and marketing activities for all TV and streaming brands (VTM, VTM Kids, VTM Nieuws, VTM GO, Q2…)

Over the years, Calogero and his team have broken multiple records with their digital platforms and managed to introduce these new ways of entertainment among a large audience.

It is safe to say that there is no one who knows more about the Future of Media & Entertainment than Calogero Macaluso.


Tech & Innovation festival for students

Future Entrepreneurship is a 2-day Tech and Innovation festival for students.