Andreas Weigend

Keynote speaker

Author and Former Chief Scientist at Amazon

Keynote on Rethinking Trust

Dr. Andreas Weigend, the author of “Data for the People”, was the chief scientist at Amazon and a member of the Digital Council of Germany. He works on consumer data strategy and AI with organizations in banking, telecommunication, travel, and retail. He advises startups in Silicon Valley, and executives at multinationals around the world.

Andreas likes to share his insights at events including the Social Data Lab 2020 Summer Summit, a Conversation with Daniel Kahneman at the Aspen Institute, a session on Identity and Trust at TEDx in Bangkok, a speech onData: The New Rules at SLUSH in Helsinki, and the keynote The Data Dilemma at the SWIFT Innovation conference in London.

Andreas studied physics and philosophy in Karlsruhe, Cambridge and Bonn, and did his Ph.D. in neural networks at Stanford.

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