Tech & Innovation Festival | April 20 - 21

#FE22 | Tech & Innovation Festival | April 20 - 21 | Antwerp, Belgium

Stad Antwerpen

Antwerp is a cosmopolitan city with a small footprint in the heart of Europe. It’s located right on the crossroads where northern and southern cultures meet, which makes the city the ideal testing ground for new products, designs or retail concepts. The city is also teeming with creative minds. The sum of all the active talent, at the academies, art institutions and startups, as designers or in creative agencies is dizzying: Antwerp has the world’s highest number of creative experts per square kilometre. This pool of creativity in Antwerp is the engine for innovation.

Compared to other European cities, living and working in Antwerp is still cheap. Here, you will find all the tools for success, right at your doorstep. Networks, infrastructure, competences and support organisations are available at a metropolitan scale, but with the easy access of a compact town. In short; Antwerp is a city big enough to matter, small enough to care. The city of Antwerp has set five priorities in its economy: • Beat climate change. • Build the port of the future: a digital & sustainable port. • Achieve a sustainable transition of the chemical cluster. • Make Antwerp a healthier city. • Innovate traditional sectors like diamond, fashion & retail.

These priorities will be realised through the goals Antwerp has set for itself: Health, economic growth, industry, innovation and infrastructure, sustainable cities and climate action. Innovation will be the driver towards solutions. Innovation will be realised through partnerships within the same vision and strategy. All these priorities and goals are reflected in the mission of Antwerp: Building the port city of the future: smart, sustainable and healthy. All support that the city offers entrepreneurs in Antwerp, is linked with the priorities and realisation of the sustainable development goals.

Stad Antwerpen - Future Entrepreneurship 2022
Future Entrepreneurship - Tech & Innovation Festival in Antwerp


Tech & Innovation festival for students

Future Entrepreneurship is a free 3-day Tech and Innovation festival for students. For the first time in its history, this event will take place 100% online.