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Innovation, transformation, digitalisation, acceleration… the list goes on. We all know technology rules, but impact is made with more than a directory of buzzwords.

At Sparklink, we simply make it work.

Grounded in the real world and the next, we have a bird’s-eye view to make every link in your organisation matter. It’s only when these parts are connected just right, the real magic happens.

With bespoke digital solutions we help you build the best engine of your business to make it perform harder, better, faster… Well, you know how that Daft Punk song goes.

Harder with processes as smooth as butter, better with strategy to set you apart from what is, and faster with state of the art scalable tech. All to make you stronger from the core.

We are strategists, entrepreneurs and engineers who you’ll find making change rather than talking about it. Some say we’re realistic robots, human perfectionists and rock ’n roll automators, but most of all, we’re creative technologists who love to reshape how work is done.

Work that leaves the monkey out of it, boosts results and drives totally new experiences. Work that feels like more and leaves every team member happy, liberated and at full force.

So you are left with laser-sharp focus on what matters to drive business forward.

Ready to do your most important work?


Jobs & internships

Sparklink - Future Entrepreneurship 2023

Project Manager

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Sparklink - Future Entrepreneurship 2023

Business analyst

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Sparklink - Future Entrepreneurship 2023

Software engineer

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Future Entrepreneurship - Tech & Innovation Festival in Antwerp

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Future Entrepreneurship - Tech & Innovation Festival in Antwerp

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